Feasibility & Operational Reviews

Feasibility & Operational Reviews

Braxtone works with clients to determine the economic feasibility of a captive insurance model for those clients, it also works hand-in-hand with their legal and financial representatives to help form and manage the captive facility within the proper financial and accounting guidelines.

Once our client makes the decision to develop a captive, a designated team will guide the development, structuring, execution and finally operating and managing day-to-day activities.  Our Executive Management’s long-standing relationships with key local and regional service providers such as actuaries, attorneys, and auditors are essential to ensuring the smooth operation and success of the captive model.

Each captive solution is delivered based upon a comprehensive study of the client’s individual risk profile and with a full understanding of key business goals.  The client’s needs analysis will ensure the optimal structure, whether a pure captive, rent-a-captive, group program, micro captive or cell company, is right for the client.

How Braxtone can help you


  • Consultancy by insurance consultants, actuarial analysts, investment managers, auditors, legal and tax advisors
  • Maintain an office and assist with Board meetings, shareholders and committee meetings.
  • Appoint officers and directors as needed
  • Support services for Captive Board meetings to enable approval of financial statements, renewal terms and conditions, set strategic vision and management of the Board committees overseeing Underwriting Guidelines, Investment Policy and Risk Control.
  • Conduct captive insurance workshops for safety and risk control, contracts and liabilities, and business continuity planning.

Insurance and Risk Programs

  • Full review of the current insurance structure in place, identifying uninsured risks and recommending cost- cutting measures.
  • An insurance program with a high degree of flexibility that is not available with commercial insurers who offer more standard types of products.
  • Claims service that provides a robust system flagging complex risk exposures, management of sophisticated claims, and keeping you appraised of your own loss experience, as well as that of your captive.
  • Professionals dedicated to help coordinate all surveying and risk control services.
  • Actuarial pricing of the risks and drafting of the policy contracts. Work with actuaries to accurately price these risks and with specialists to draft policies.

Financial Reporting

  • Accounting records in accordance regulatory requirements and International Financial Reporting Standards
  • Management accounts, financial statements, annual budgets
  • Prepare the premium tax returns, if required
  • Handle bank accounts, cash receipts, investment management, trust services
  • Coordinate the annual audit by the appointed auditors

Corporate Secretarial

  • Prepare all minutes of directors and shareholders meeting, maintain corporate registers and attend to requirements of the regulator

Regulatory Compliance

  • Maintain close relations with the regulatory department of the domicile
  • Prepare and file all reports required under applicable insurance law
  • Prepare and maintain documentation and records required by the domicile
  • Represent the captive during regulatory examinations by the insurance departments and/or any applicable regulatory authorities
  • Respond to all inquiries and correspondence from regulatory authorities after prompt notification to the client